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A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy, #1)Hello mon coeurs! I hope you are all enjoying this book as much as I am. I honestly forgot how much I loved this book – especially the passion between Matthew and Diana. This is our second to last discussion for this book. Next week we will be finishing it off before starting Shadow of NightBelow are the questions for chapters 27-34 so do not read below if you haven’t read this far yet. Feel free to answer the questions in the comments below or create your own post and link back. You can find the schedule for the readalong here and feel free to join in at any time.

 What are your reactions to the sudden change from Diana watching Matthew hunt to them ‘bundling’?

I found it really interesting that we get to see such differing extremes in their relationship. I like that we see the tough issues that they have to face together (issues outside of the congregation not wanting them to comingle). It’s refreshing from seeing fictional relationships in which both parties fall madly in love immediately and then it’s all fine and dandy. I like that we get to see them working together and compromising over different aspects of their relationship. It makes it seem more realistic and that’s what I love about it. (also the whole bundling scene was both steamy and hilarious at times).

What are your thoughts on the congregation’s actions towards Diana? What do you think are the reasons behind such violence?

I think the congregation is just filled with power hungry individuals who will do anything to get more power. Though I do think that they know something about the manuscript that Diana doesn’t and therefore have even more reason to want Diana’s power. I think whatever that reason is, is why they are willing to go to such lengths to find out how she got the manuscript.

What are your impressions of Baldwin?

At first he seems very much like a douche. But I feel there is a part of him that is good. Especially, when we see he is trying to calm Matthew down into realizing he can be more effective if he stopped to think things through. I’m going to keep my final opinion about him to myself until we read more about him.

How did you react to learning about the Knights of Lazarus?

I wasn’t too surprised by this (mostly because I remember it from my first read through). But I do think that the first time I read this book I was shocked. But it did make certain pieces fall into place. Matthew’s ability to just command large groups of people was a bit suspicious (even given his history) so seeing that he’s the head of this huge group made a lot of sense.

What are your thoughts on finding out Diana’s mother had spellbound her? Do you think her parents’s reasoning was correct in warranting such actions?

It makes a lot of sense that they would spellbind her. With the congregation and Peter Knox coming down on her when she was that young, it was really the only thing that they could do to protect her. By binding her power – even from her – and making everyone think that her father was the powerful one, it gave her time to find Matthew and learn how to defend herself against those that wish to use and hurt her.

How did you react to Matthew’s methods on getting Diana to learn and understand her magic?

It felt a bit harsh but at the same time it was the only thing that would get Diana’s magic to come out. Her magic only shows when she is in need of it so putting her in danger (when she wasn’t actually) is the perfect way to get her to learn and perfect her magic within the constraints of her spellbinding.

What are your thoughts on the powers we know about so far?

I think they are AWESOME. I love that she has the power over all four elements. I also like that despite her being way more powerful than probably any other witch she isn’t the perfect character. I like that she still tries to deny and push away at her abilities even to the last end. I think if her loved ones weren’t being threatened or in danger she would never have learned how powerful she is and could be. She would continue to deny her powerful family line and keep at trying to be ‘normal’.