Mermaid Inc.Book Synopsis:

Published April 2014 by Bon Accord Press
Fantasy, Romance, Novella | 106 pages

Adamantly opposed to commercial whaling, Miranda happily trades her fin for human legs when she’s given the opportunity to work as a maid for a man in charge of public relations for a large Japanese whaling firm. Miranda soon finds out that she loves pedicures, favors bikinis over clamshells, and that she’s a natural disaster when it comes to human housework. There’s so much about the human world she doesn’t understand. Why does Justin Lockheed, her handsome boss, make her heart race and her knees weak? And just what is she supposed to do when it comes time to choose between advancing her cause and destroying his career?

Book Review: ★★★

This was a cute novella about mermaids, love and saving whales. Although, I really felt it was a story to share the realities of commercial whaling with the general public, using mermaids as a medium. It was a cute story and I enjoyed the premise of a mermaid impersonating a human to prevent a company from continuing their commercial whaling. The romance between Miranda and Justin was adorable but I felt like this could be explained better. Mostly because they fell in love within a week which I don’t find realistic. I also would have loved to see more focus on the real issue at hand with the Morimoto Company. I feel that it was placed on the back burner in order to focus on the romance. Regardless, it was a cute and fast story.