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Book Synopsis:

Book 1 of untitled series
Published June 2013 by author??
Paranormal, Thriller | 282 pages

“Poe: Nevermore” is an Edgar Allan Poe-inspired thriller in which a young woman must race against time and death to save those she loves while struggling with depression, a new relationship complicated by her past, and an abusive former foster-father. Elenora Allison Poe is twenty-four years old, drowning in debt and depression, and very alone, having been orphaned at the age of two and raised in an unloving household. Suffering from insomnia and PTSD from a traumatic experience seven years before, Poe keeps everyone at arm’s length. Then, she meets homicide detective Caleb Frost and her life changes dramatically. Frost sees Poe’s brokenness in perfect clarity and sympathizes with her. However, just when Poe is starting to let him in, she discovers a horrible truth: she is the sole direct descendant of Edgar Allan Poe, inheriting not only the last name of one of the world’s most famous poets, but also a terrible family curse that takes the form of Edgar Allan Poe’s most haunting tales. If Poe cannot recognize the curse unfolding in time, it will destroy the lives of all those close to her and annihilate her sanity.

Book Review: ★★★★

“My only consolation was that this was the lesser of two evils, the greater being not telling her and having her replace her usual two olives in whiskey with my eyeballs when she found out.” – Poe: Nevermore, loc 2571

The first thing that popped out at me about this book was the writing. It was very well done with a nice mix of easy and yet more advance vocabulary. I liked that the writing was more suited for an adult book (although I still got a somewhat YA vibe from it so I guess it could be considered a NA novel). The writing was smooth and you could easily picture what was going on in the story. Marten’s writing was also very good in describing how characters felt. They literally came alive from the words that its hard not to feel for them. I loved how real the characters felt. Poe had been through so much in her life that I just felt so bad for her. She just couldn’t catch a break. While I can’t relate to her experiences, my heart still broke for everything that happened. I loved Frost and how gentle he was with Poe. I loved their dynamic and although many of their arguments seemed repetitive it made sense. After everything Poe has gone through, it made sense that she would need constant reassurance and reminders that there are people who care.

I do want to warn people that this book could be a trigger for many reasons. Poe and Frost have gone through hell and then some, so this book is really heavy and may not be for everyone. It’s also a tad gory but not overly so. The story line was also interesting. I liked the idea of a family curse that is spread down from Edgar Allan Poe. Though, I feel like this main plot line took a while to get to just because we were getting introduced to Poe and Frost and learning about their horrible pasts. It somewhat seemed like a slow read but I really enjoyed every minute. It was sad and heart-wrenching but so very well done. I look forward to the next novel to see what else the curse has in store for Poe and Frost.

Novel provided by Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review.