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April Wrapup

So this month I read a total of 7 books. I didn’t get to all the books I had planned to read at the start of this month. Most of that had to do with me being a mood reader so I read a lot of books I just got/I felt like reading then. And because I got a couple books from Story Cartel that I wanted to just read and write reviews for quickly, before I forgot about them.

  • Siren (Siren #1) – Tricia Rayburn
  • The Elite (The Selection #2) – Kiera Cass
  • A Little Night Magic (Nodaway Falls #1) – Lucy March
  • Chasing Mercy (Mercy #1) – Stacy Claflin
  • Undercurrent (Siren #2) – Tricia Rayburn
  • Paskagankee (Paskagankee #1) – Allan Leverone
  • Poe: Nevermore (Book 1) – Rachel M. Martens

I read a lot more than I expected to. Mostly thanks to Treesofreverie’s April Readathon. The last three books I read over the course of the weekend for that readathon. None of these books (sadly) fit into my TBR Pile Book Challenge which I am doing far worse than I expected to. But then I’m also the type of person to pick up a book I just bought rather than one that’s been sitting there for a while. I also had planned to read Cyndere’s Midnight by Jeffrey Overstreet for the Genre book challenge but ended up using Undercurrent as my fantasy novel of the month. I’m currently one book behind in my 65 book challenge but I’m hoping over the next week’s readathon that I’ll be ahead again. Click on the linked titles to read my reviews!

Displaying IMG_20140425_144352.jpgI also had a really fun used book haul this month! My friend took me on a surprise trip to two locations. The first was Second Story Books which was a HUGE warehouse filled with books. It was so big and filled with so many books that there’s a map of where to find certain sections at the front. I didn’t feel like picking out a random book to buy (because most of the scifi/fantasy section were books prior to 1990) but I did find a few once I found the elusive YA/overstock section:

  • The Passage – Justin Cronin (I’ve had this in my wishlist for a while and I kept seeing it in stores so when I found it I knew I had to buy it)
  • Maze Runner Trilogy – James Dashner (I actually own the first on kindle but I knew that if I had the others in paperback and not the first I’d be upset. Plus these are some sweet covers).
  • The Black Tattoo – Sam Enthoven
  • Oden’s Child Sworn Brother – Tim Severin (the first two in the Viking series. The covers were cool and I’m in a vikings mood because of the show).

The second location was a library bookstore which had a large section of books for 50 cents. There I purchased:

  • Undercurrent – Tricia Rayburn (had this sitting in my amazon cart but got it for $0.50)
  • Divine One The Haunting – Lynne Ewing (books 2 and 4 in the Sisters of Isis series. I read a couple of the Daughters of the Moon series when I was younger and remember really enjoying it. I figured I would love her other series set in Egyptian Mythology)
  • Eye of the Moon – Dianne Hofmeyr (was in an Egyptian mood)
  • MtG Onslaught Cycle (book companions to the card game, Magic the Gathering. They’re an older set and hard to find so I just bought them. I’m also hoping my boyfriend will read them).

Overall I purchased 14 books for about $25 which is a great deal. I definitely plan to go back to these locations later in the year.

May Reads

The first week of this month I will be participating in Isis & Scatty’s Readathon Extravaganza! 😀 I’m hoping that doing two readathons in a row won’t burn me out but Isis and I are competing between each other. So I have to beat her. Obviously. I’ll make a separate post for my goals. My random reads are: The Flies of August by P. J. Lee (ebook) and Slow Burn by Adair Bobby. The first is a mystery and the second is a horror. I have no idea what these books are about so this shall be an adventure. For the Genre Book Challenge I have Steampunk. I have no books that fall under that category so I’m looking towards you beautiful followers. Do you have any suggestions?

How was everyone’s reading this past month? What do you hope to read in May?