Isis at The Small Nerd was telling me how she’s been neglecting her books and wanted to start a readathon. So after some deliberation we came up with Isis & Scatty’s Readathon Extravaganza! I’m here as Isis’s cohost/readathon minion. This is the first time either of us have hosted a readathon although we have both participated (tried to at least) in a few readathons and really liked them. So, without further ado, here are the details:

When will the readathon start?

The readathon will start May 1st and continue through May 7th. You can start any time on or after May 1st and end by 11:59 pm (PST) on May 7th.

What will happen during the readathon?

It’ll be super easy, just make a list of goals or decide what books you want to read, how many you want to read, and then read them! You can choose to read as many books as you want during the week, or you can make more specific goals (i.e. finish a book within a day, or read a fantasy book).

How do I participate?

You can participate either here or over on tumblr. You can take pictures of what you’re reading, make posts of your progress on your goals, or any other experiences. We encourage you all to make a post stating your goals and link them back into the comments. We’d love to see what everyone wants to read. You can also update the list of goals as you complete them throughout the readathon.

Are there going to be any giveaways?

Sadly, no. Scatty and I are both really broke so we can’t afford any sort of giveaway. In the future maybe.

Should I use a hashtag on my post?

Sure! Especially if you’re using tumblr, you can tag all your posts #readathonextravaganza

Is there a participation list where I can sign up/see other people’s progress?

Yup! You can message me or Scatty here or on tumblr (Isis’s Tumblr | Scatty’s Tumblr)and we’ll set up a list somewhere (link to come later) so you can see how other people are doing.

Can I post pictures on Instagram?

Yup! Just tag it #readathonextravaganza.

Anything else?

If you have any questions about the readathon, message me or Scatty here or on tumblr!