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The Rich and the DeadBook Synopsis:

Published March 18, 2014 by William Morrow & Co.
Mystery, Scifi? | 310

In exclusive Star Island, Miami, money and power can’t protect you… In collaboration with branding powerhouse Alloy Entertainment comes a thrilling new series featuring a former Miami PD detective on the hunt for a mass murderer, who must face the past she thought she left behind.

On New Year’s Day 2015, twelve powerful, wealthy people were found dead—shot in a lavish Star Island estate. In 2018, the murderer remains at large.

As a detective and lead investigator on the case of the century, Lila Day was consumed by her hunt for the Star Island Killer. But that was before she was pushed out from the force, and her life unraveled.

Years later, down on her luck and no longer a police officer, Lila is approached by mysterious billionaire Teddy Hawkins. He has a job for her, he says—solving the Star Island murders. Lila laughs. After all, how do you solve a crime when all the leads have long grown cold? The answer, Teddy tells her, is to be there before it happened. He is going to send her back in time.

With nothing left to lose, Lila travels back in time to 2014, determined to stop the Star Island killer once and for all. There’s one catch: she must gather the evidence to bring the murderer to justice in her own time, without trying to save anyone. Easy enough, until she starts to care for the people who are destined to die. Now Lila must be willing to say good-bye—or risk setting into motion events that could change the future forever.

Book Review: ★★★★

“Lila slipped Kiyoshi a hundred-dollar bill with the instructions to ‘make those drinks as stiff as a corpse.'” – The Rich and the Dead page 87

I picked this book up on a whim and was immediately drawn in by the cover and the title. The cover is absolutely gorgeous and I love both the simplicity and use of colors. The title is perfect for this novel and really catchy in my opinion. I’ve never heard of Liv Spector and for her debut novel it was very well done.

The writing is perfect mystery novel writing. It sucks you in and gives you the perfect mix of detail, dialogue and intrigue. It was so easy to just wrap yourself up in the mystery and go on this adventure with our protagonist – Lila Day; also known as Camilla Dayton. I loved seeing how she had to adjust, not only to having time traveled and being over three years in the past, but also to change her entire persona to adjust to the lives of the 1%.

The mystery was also very intriguing. I liked the idea of this secret society of philanthropists who donated money to charities every year. I was really curious to find out not only who killed the twelve victims but mostly what their motive was. I’m glad to say that I had no idea about the motive until the last 20 pages. I accidentally guessed the person as a ‘it would be funny if ___ turned out to be the killer’ kind of incident. I really liked how Spector made it that (despite this random guess) I still didn’t really think it was said person until the end. The idea had just flitted through my mind and then I was back to wondering who could do it and why.

Even though you have to wait until the very bitter end to find out everything, and it may seem like the mystery was dragging on, it never felt that way. I was swept up with each new lead and each new possibility, all the while wondering and wanting to know. The story just flew by and before I knew it the big reveal was happening and I couldn’t read fast enough.

Liv Spector’s debut novel has met all my expectations. The description made me want to read this book immediately and I’m so glad I got a copy. I absolutely loved it and loved Spector’s writing. It seems on goodreads that there might be another novel with our lovely Lila Day and I really hope that’s true. Regardless I do plan to read anything else Spector publishes.

The Rich and the Dead was published March 18, 2014 and is currently available on Amazon (Kindle|Paperback), Barnes & Noble, and The Book Depository.