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cressHere is the last chunk of discussion questions for Cress. I’m super happy with the end bits (I’ll talk in more detail about that soon) but I also need Winter like now… actually I needed it like two days ago lol.

Feel free to join in the discussion whenever you want 🙂 You can find the discussion blog post here if you’d like to either make your own post and link back or put your answers in the comments section.

Be aware that the questions below (along with my answers) contain MAJOR SPOILERS! Do NOT proceed if you have not finished the book!




How do you think Dr. Erland getting letumosis and his ultimate death will affect Cinder & Co.? Do you think that the mutation of letumosis is going to spread even more now? What do you think Levana will do with this information?

I think it definitely has an impact but I don’t think that without it happening could Cinder & Co. would know that it’s starting to affect Lunars. And not just shells anymore but that all Lunars could potentially get the disease. I think the mutation is definitely going to spread more and I think that Levana has to take into consideration that some of her army may fall victim to this mutated disease. Not that I think she’ll care all that much.

Were you surprised to learn that Luna manufactured the letumosis disease? What do you think this means for the future of Earth?

I was surprised but at the same time I’m not surprised that Lunars would do that. I mean it was Chevany that manufactured it, not her, although she continued with it. I don’t think it’ll change much about Earth’s future until the information because common knowledge. I do know that the future of humanity is now in peril because of it. I’m sure the Lunars when first creating this disease had meant it to wipe out the humans but now that it’s affecting Lunars too, if they don’t get the antidote out and making mass production it could literally wipe out humanity. Or at least those that aren’t immune to it (though those that are immune could be affected by yet another mutation so yea).

What are your impressions of Winter? Do you think she’s being honest? Do you think she’ll try to help Scarlet?

I am both creeped out by her and at the same time I also like her. I think she’s legit. I mean it makes sense that she’s gone insane if she hasn’t been using her Lunar abilities for years. I think she’s already been helping Scarlet. First by saving her from being killed by Levana and then next by giving her pain meds hidden in the candies so that the guard wouldn’t know. I think she hates Levana and what she’s done to Luna so I can’t wait to see what she’ll do next.

Any theories for the next book?

Well I can’t wait to see how Kai reacts to the information about Letumosis being a biological weapon against Earth. I’m sure he’ll be pissed. I still think Winter will help Cinder and Co. bring down Levana, though my earlier hypothesis that she’d take over Levana while Cinder (hopefully) stays on Earth with Kai is now out the window. I don’t think Winter is mentally able to rule a world/country/whateveryouwantocallluna.

Any other thoughts?

I’M REALLY SUPER HAPPY THAT KAI KISSED CINDER BECAUSE IF HE DIDN’T I WAS SERIOUSLY PREPARED TO THROW THAT BOOK. But on a sadder note I really hope Wolf gets to Scarlet because I’m just scared for him 😦 I ship them so hard and I just want them to be happy! I’m also super sad about Dr. Erland and I wish he had told Cress sooner about being related. He should have just told her when he paid the caravaners for her. I also think that Thorne is falling in love with Cress. Pretty sure he almost confessed it in the cockpit.

I seriously love Iko though. She’s the best humoid ever! I hope she gets her neck issue fixed. 🙂 And I curious to see if there are fan drawings of her because for some reason I can’t put a picture of her in my head. I keep picturing her how she was in the first book with prongs for hands lol. Though I do think the blue hair is fitting since her sensor light was also blue.