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cressHere is my answers to the second set of discussion questions. Be sure to leave your answers either in your own post or in the comments section here.

Be aware that these questions contain SPOILERS. If you have not read this far, proceed with caution.


Do you think Thorne’s blindness is permanent?

I don’t think it is. And I wouldn’t put it past him to have kept pretending to be blind (though I’m not sure what that would get him). If it does end up being permanent I think he’ll get used to it. I mean it’ll be sad but he seems to be doing okay at the moment.

Do you think Scarlet will be able to overcome Sybil’s mind control? What do you think is going to happen to her?

I think she will, but only because Sybil is hurt. But I don’t think it’ll do her much good when she goes up against Levana. I still hope that Cinder and Wolf will somehow find her in Luna and rescue her.

What do you think Earth is going to do now that the Lunar ships have been revealed? What do you think Luna is going to do?

I think Earth is going to start preparing for war. I think that one of the other nations will attack which will cause Luna/Levana to retaliate. I think that maybe they’re just waiting for someone on Earth to slip up as an excuse to start a full scale war.

What are your thoughts on Cinder & Dr. Erland’s plan to go back to Luna?

I think it’s a smarter plan than going to Earth – albeit more dangerous. I do think though that Cinder to confide in Kai and let him know that the princess is alive (and not Scarlet like he thinks). It does make more sense that she should go to Luna because that is where her territory is after all. It wouldn’t do much good to have the Earthens on her side if the Lunars aren’t. Though I think that the situation on Luna is so bad and that there will be a lot more people on Cinder’s side than she thinks.

What do you think is going to happen to Cress? Do you think Jina & the rest of the caravan are behind her kidnapping? Do you think they planned it from the beginning?

I don’t think they planned it from the beginning, I mean why would they try to heal her and everything just to kidnap her? I do think that Jina is behind it. I think that once they got to the city and saw the news they made a plan to get her somehow. I wouldn’t put it past them to have hired the girl to distract Thorne and leave Cress vulnerable and alone (can you tell I’m kinda annoyed with him at the moment?).

Do you think Thorne will go after Cress?


Any other thoughts?

I feel so bad for Wolf. Just the way he went from anger to panic to just utter and hopeless despair. He went from living to just not existing and that’s just super super sad. I really want him and Scarlet to be happy. 😦