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Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1)Hello darlings! I hope you enjoyed our read-along of Cinder! Monday, Isis hosted the discussion for Chapters 18-31. Today I’ll be hosting the end of the novel.


Why do you think Kai bought Cinder time by demanding nothing happen to her while on Earth?

I think Kai did it because of his feelings for her. While he’s doubting everything that has happened between them the feelings are still there. He probably knows a bit about how cruel Queen Levana can be and so is hoping that everything was just a misunderstanding. Or maybe he just doesn’t want to see the results of her cruelty on someone that he cared of before.

What are your reactions to finding out Cinder was Princess Selene?

I wasn’t too surprised by the ‘big reveal’. I actually figured it out when Cinder was first put in the cyborg draft and the virus was cleared in her system. I thought to myself she’s probably the lunar princess and here we are.

Why do you think Dr. Erland decided to run away to Africa?

I figure he’s run away since there will be questions about him keeping Cinder’s identity secret. Not to mention if she runs away they’ll probably have him all on tape helping her. As to why he’s running away to Africa specifically, I’m not really sure. Maybe it’s because that’s where the first Lunar sightings have been (I think that’s what the book mentioned) or maybe because he could hide away more easily there than he could in the States or the European Federation.

What do you think Cinder will do next?

I know the answer to this 🙂

Other tidbits:

I think Cress – the one that’s being held in the tower and made the D-Comm in Nainsi – is Dr. Erland’s daughter. He mentions his daughter being a shell and he called her ‘my crescent moon’. Also the daughter was taken away and supposedly killed but as one of the world leaders mentioned, there is no proof that the Lunars killed off shells. I think the shells are being used as slaves or were mutated like the wolf like warriors in the satellite photos.
Also, did anyone else notice the mention that Queen Levana has a stepdaughter named Winter. EH? Eh?

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