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Lunar Chronicles ReadalongHello lovelies! As many of you may know, Isis and I both really enjoyed reading Cinder and Scarlet by Marissa Meyer which are the first two books in the Lunar Chronicles. The third, Cress, is set to come out February 4th. So to get ready for it we have decided to host a read-along. We will be rereading the first two books before Cress comes out and then proceed to read Cress. We would love it for anyone else who wants to come join us in the fun. If you’ve already read these books but it’s been a while, have been thinking of reading them but haven’t gotten to it yet, or just feel like rereading them anyway, please come join us!

If you would like to join there are two ways you can do so. The first is to just participate in the discussion posts via the comments. However, if you would like, you can sign up by sending us an email at three.nerdss@gmail.com and we will send you the discussion questions the day before the main post is up so you can answer them in your own blog post and link back in the comments.

We realize that Cress is going to come out in just two weeks! But we think that the books are easy and fast reads so we hope that our reading schedule works well. We will be reading each book for 5 days starting this Friday, Jan 24, with a break on Feb 3 to wait impatiently to get our hands on Cress.

The Schedule: 

Cinder (about 78 pages a day)
Jan 24: Start reading (or you can start now if you so desire 🙂 )
Jan 25: Discussion Ch 1-17 (153 pages) Scatty
Jan 27: Discussion Ch 18-31 (159 pages) Isis
Jan 29: Discussion Ch 32-End (75 pages) Scatty

Scarlet (about 90 pages a day) UPDATED
Jan 29: Start reading
Jan 31: Discussion Ch 1-17 (176 pages) Isis
Feb 1: Discussion Ch 18-35 (177 pages) Scatty
Feb 4: Discussion Ch 36-End (100 pages) Isis

Feb 6: Book One Chapters 1-12 (114 pgs)
Feb 9: Book Two Chapters 13-30 (157 pgs)
Feb 12: Book Three Chapters 31-42 (103 pgs)
Feb 15: Book Four Chapters 43-end (167 pgs)