Hello lovelies! Sorry this is a bit late but I was waiting to post this for a specific reason. I’VE JOINED BOOKTUBE! Well at least I’m trying it out 🙂 I borrowed my boyfriends HD Camera (since he used to make youtube videos) and then attempted to edit them with Windows Movie Maker (so please forgive me if the editing sucks!). I chose to make my first videos about my bountiful Christmas book haul. I split it into two videos (because there are a lot of books). The first are books given to me and the second are books I purchased through gift cards.

I’m hoping to continue making videos about book hauls and monthly wrap ups. I might include a few book tags if I see any that interest me. I won’t have a set schedule for these videos, I’ll just be making and posting them when I have something to talk about 🙂 You can find my channel here.

I’ve also taken some pictures because, well, I can.

DSC01840I also forgot a couple books in my videos. I got Written in Blood by Anne Bishop from the lovely Hecate of The Middle Nerd. And my grandpa gave me Sitka by Louis L’Amour because it’s his favorite author. He owns L’Amour’s entire collection and whenever we talk about books he always asks if I’ve read anything by L’Amour. Since he’s getting old and can’t see very well he doesn’t read at all anymore. So he let me have my pick of his collection. I don’t normally read westerns and wasn’t sure which to pick but my dad said Sitka was a good intro book to this author.

And last but not least are the covers of the ebooks I purchased 🙂

WaterbornSworn to Raise (Courtlight, #1)Witch SongGirl of Nightmares (Anna, #2)