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I hope you all had a great 2013 and I look forward to a wonderful 2014 with all of you. 🙂 I read a total of 57 books last year and 51 of those went towards my 50 Book Challenge (I only counted books/short stories that were at least 100 pages).

For this year I’m definitely going to join in the 50 book challenge again but I think I’ll challenge myself to read 65 books. I think I can manage that …. maybe… I hope.

I’m also joining Bookish in the TBR Pile Reading Challenge. I have so many books that I own and haven’t read. I think of the physical books I’ve read many 1/10th and I own more than 300 ebooks I have yet to read. So I want to really focus on books I’ve purchased before today. I’m going for the 41-50 Could This be Love? level. To help I’ve written a list of books I want to read. But I’m a big mood reader so I probably won’t stay with it. I also plan to use my TBR Book Jars and pick out a random read each month in both physical and ebook to keep things interesting.

As for goals I want to be more consistent with posting here on The Big Nerd. I’m hoping to get into a groove and stick to the memes I’ve been posting for and also to try and get a book review out at least once a week. I’m working while applying to schools/programs and I haven’t yet gotten used to my schedule. But I am determined to put more effort into this blog. Isis and I are also thinking up more ideas to spice up our blogs through giveaways, read-a-longs and maybe our own meme. We’re still thinking up ideas/logistics but stay tuned. 🙂

Happy New Years and may this year be great for all of us!

❤ Scatty