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Happy Holidays my lovely readers!!! ❤

I celebrated Christmas with my boyfriend and his family this year. We did a secret santa with the family and co (aka the significant others that are here to stay, myself included). Which works great since he has 6 other siblings. We opened presents and I just wanted to share since, obviously, my gifts were rather bookish.

Mr. Patterson was my secret santa and he got me these:

I already own a complete copy of Harry Potter but after seeing the new 15th anniversary covers I knew I needed to own these. He was gracious enough to purchase them for me :3 They’re so pretty!!! I can’t wait to go down memory lane and reread the entire series. (I reread the first four books but have yet to reread the entire series yet. I know! What a shame!). I also am known for my love of hedgehogs so it only made sense to get me one. This little guy has his spikes made out of sunflower seeds and now he’s sitting on the top of my tree 🙂 The last was a very pretty leather journal with the Tree of Life pattern on it. It’s a very thick journal too so when I figure out what to use it for, it’ll last me quite a while. They’re all so pretty!

Awesome Christmas present from Isis :3

Isis from The Small Nerd got me this huuuge stack of books for Christmas. I knew she was going to get me a book but not this many! We read Fangirl together and both loved it. However, I had borrowed it from the library and wanted my own copy. So she got it for me as well as the rest of Rainbow Rowell’s books! The Prisoner’s Handbook is one she’s recommended for me to try out non-fiction since I have yet to read one and finish it. Sabriel is also one she’s recommended. And lastly, Divergent. I wasn’t expecting that but I have a sinking feeling she wants me to read it… just a little feeling of course. 😉

I bought The Selection for myself with the buttload of amazon gift card money I got from friends and family. Yet another suggestion from Isis and it wasn’t really expensive so I figured, why not. I still have a lot of gift card money to spend and I really want to spend them on books. I have a few I want to get that I know of, but what I really want is recommendations from you all. I love nothing more than to get books that others think I will love. I think it’s the best gift ever. So what do you think I should get?