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Truth or Dare is a fun new meme hosted by Jenna over at Jenna Does Books that is a bookish challenge based on the game of the same name.  Chose truth for a discussion type question or prompt, or if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, chose dare!  You can even choose both tasks if you like.  So…Truth or Dare?

Truth: What are the top 3 worst things about being a blogger?

1. Sticking to a Schedule: I love having a set schedule of when to make posts. This mostly pertains to memes and (maybe one day) reviews. It’s a great way to let my readers know when to expect posts from me and so forth. However, I KEEP FOREGETTING. And I lose track of what day it is and then it’s just a big mess. T_T

2. Haters: This hasn’t happened to me personally but I’ve seen it around the interwebs enough times to know how annoying it is. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But when I see others threatened to unfollow because of something the blogger post I just get so irritated. No one is requiring you to follow said person. And more importantly, blogs (for the most part) are personal. As a blogger I am entitled to post whatever I want. Say, for example, if I started posting more things that aren’t book related than book related posts, then that is my choice and my decision. It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want with it. (again, this hasn’t happened to me but I’ve seen it before on other blogs).

3. Book Review Requests: As a book blogger I get my fair share of book review requests. I love them! What I don’t love is getting the generic email that is sent to a buttload of bloggers at once. I don’t like how many instances authors/publishers consider us book bloggers as free media and don’t take the time to see if we have any requirements to requests. Or if we are even taken requests! Most book bloggers (me included) have a page or post which outlines requirements for book review requests. It’s really not that hard to peruse that page/post to see if 1) are they taking requests or 2) would they even read the book you’re promoting.

Despite said bad things I do really enjoy being a blogger :3 And for having awesome readers like you all! ❤

What do you find annoying about being a blogger? What are your pet peeves?