This site sounds pretty cool! Thought I would share it with my lovely readers 🙂

Geeky Book Snob

I’ve admitted to judging a book by its cover – who doesn’t.  But I’ve also admitted that I know this has caused me to miss out on what are probably some amazing stories.  I’ve also said I’m okay with that because I believe stories choose us as much as we choose them, so I’m finding the stories my spirit needs to read.

And now, an awesome way of discovering new stories.

No Names, No Jackets is an online archive of stories where all that is available to you is the first chapter of a story.  No book cover.  No author’s name.  No summary.  Just the text.  What an awesome concept!

My choosing a book is a 4 step process (which I will get into on a later post) with reading the first page of a book being the last, and most important step.  No Name, No Jackets is a jump…

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