I saw the idea of a TBR Book Jar around wordpress and tumblr. The basic idea is to take books that are on your TBR pile, write down the names on a strip of paper and put it in a jar. That way the choice of picking your next book is up to chance. It’s like Random Reads but in a physical form. I had been wanting to do it for almost a month now.

Recently I found out about this wonderful site called Book Gorilla. It’s this wonderful sight that sends you daily emails about kindle books (in genres of your choosing) that are $3 or less and sometimes free! I’ve had it for a while now and even just buying free books my TBR pile has SKYROCKETED! A lot of the times when I get a kindle book it gets lost in the pile of other ebooks I own. Having a TBR jar for those books would be a great way for me to read through my ever growing pile of free books. I’m not sure if Book Gorilla works outside of the US but for those of you who are international, you should go check it out anyway 🙂

So I headed to Michael’s with the intent of buying a big jar. I found a cute one that seemed big enough but then I came across their Halloween decorative items. For those of you that don’t know, Halloween is my favorite holiday. My eyes immediately saw these cute small wooden chests. This is the one I picked:


I didn’t know what to do with it at first but Isis came up with the idea of using it for my TBR Book Jar instead of the jar I had. Which I have to admit was a great idea. I set out to get some colored paper and catalog my ebook TBR pile in preparation for this exciting journey. I wanted the colored paper originally for the jar because I though the colors would look nice. I kept with the colors as a way to separate books by genre. That way if I want to read a specific genre I can just pick a color and still not know what book I’m picking.

I separated the genres based on what I had the most of and then matching those with my favorite colors. So from the most/favorite I have: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal (Blue), Fantasy (Green), Mystery/Thriller (Red), Science Fiction (Orange), Horror (Black), Historical Fiction (Yellow), Romance (Pink), Contemporary/Other (White). I also chose to only put the first book of a series if I had multiple books in a series.

It took be about three days working for a couple hours (being the perfectionist I am) and here is my final product:

photo (1)

They just barely fit without over flowing. Which is a little frightening because those Book Gorilla emails come every day and I tend to get somewhere between 1 to 5 books each time >> Oh dear. I also have plenty of physical books as well so I’ll be using my jar for those books to keep my ebooks and books separate. But I’ll finish that when I unpack my books from their boxes.

I really liked this project and I can’t wait to pick out my first book to read. Though with the rate I’m going I might need to get a second jar!