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Hello lovely readers!

Just wanted to give you all a little life update. Since I’ve graduated college, I have still been living on campus apartments. Now that my lease is ending next week I have to move out EVERYTHING. Luckily I’ve found a new apartment and a new roommate. We’ve signed the lease today and I am so very excited! But the downside is packing up all of my things. And let me tell you, I had no idea I have so much stuff @_@. So I’ve been slowly packing up and storing things at a friend’s but there’s still so much stuff left! Needless to say, I will probably be MIA both this week and next.

I’m reading through Red Madrassa by Terah Edun and I’ve gotten my copy of In the Hand of the Goddess by Tamora Pierce (Book 2 of Song of the Lioness). If I happen to finish those books over the next few days expect an update. I’ll try to keep the sidebar updated with my current reading stats if you’re curious 🙂

Now to see if anyone is willing to help me move… >>

Happy Readings lovelies!

❤ Scatty