Well that was just wonderful! The Once Upon a Read-a-Thon has now ended (seeing as it is currently 1:30 in the morning). My goal of reading a book a day FAILED MISERABLY. I only managed to read one book during the read-a-thon, but regardless I still had a lot of fun! I especially loved partaking in the mini challenges while the read-a-thon was occurring (and the prizes was a nice incentive).

I managed to finish Engn by Simon Kewin and I’m actually surprised it took me that long to read it since (supposedly and according to goodreads) it’s only 320 pages which doesn’t seem hard at all. Yet it felt like that book took FOREVER to read. I’ll give it a proper review tomorrow when I’ve thought about it more but let’s just say I was rather disappointed in how the book played out. The read-a-thon was great but the book… not so much.

Anyways, I should go look into other read-a-thons that are out there. If this is any to go by, these are lots of fun. So lovely readers, do you know any good online read-a-thons out in the book blogger community?