Hello lovelies!

I’m back from my much needed vacation to France. It was wonderful and yet also tiring so I’ve spent the last couple days just sleeping away the jet lag. As some of you may have seen I’ve posted up reviews of Angel on the Ropes and Return to Finndragon’s Curse which I finished while on vacation but couldn’t post (because some hotels charge for wifi).

I finished reading The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick and will have my review up later tonight. For Three Nerds and A Book Club we are reading Redshirts by John Scalzi since our chosen genre was humor and I’ll probably start reading that tonight and finish it tomorrow or the day after. Now that I’m out of school and currently unemployed I have a lot of time on my hands so I’m hoping to read a lot these few months. I will also start up on the weekly book blog memes again. 

Other books I have lined up to read this month are: The Ghosts of Nagasaki by Daniel Clausen, Red Madrassa by Terah Edun (both won through Library Thing months ago and I still haven’t read them yet so I feel bad about that) and for my Random Read I have Gravity by Abigail Boyd. I also hope that I can FINALLY finish A Storm of Swords by George Martin. I started reading it again during my vacation and I have about 400 pages left. So as long as I don’t put it down again I should be able to finish it right? We’ll see… 

Happy Readings!

❤ Scatty