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Strange Ideas: Death, Destiny and Decisions

Author: Louise West
Series: Strange Ideas, Volume 1
Publisher: Independent Publishing
Publication Date: May 2013
Genre: Horror, Short Stories
Pages: 182

Book Description: Strange Ideas: Death, Destiny and Decisions- four brand new tales to creep you out and mess with your head, plus another chance to read the popular short story, Late: a ghostly tale. 
A Flip of the Coin: Do you believe in Heaven and Hell? Jimmy didn’t, until a stranger appeared at his death-bed with a shocking proposal… 
Stamp: Ben awakes from a one-night-stand with a hangover and an unusual souvenir. What does it mean? And what happened to the girl who gave it to him? 
Rock God: Adored, idolised, worshipped. In our celebrity-obsessed culture, pop stars are treated like gods. But how far do their powers actually go? 
Superstition: Laura knocks on wood, avoids black cats and never walks under ladders. Her husband calls her a freak. Maybe he’ll wish he had believed her… 
Late: a ghostly tale: Long after the children have escaped for home, a lone schoolteacher is working late. But is she really alone? Is someone there that she can’t see? And, if so, what do they want?

*Book given by author in exchange for an honest review*

Flip The Coin: I was hooked within the first page. The writing style was fluid and consistent. The characters wzere believable and came to life. The story was a,awing and nearly had me in tears a few times in public. Absolutely wonderful and heart wrenching: It will leave you reflecting on your own life.

Stamp: This story was a bit more in the horror/thriller genre. It was very zell done and had ,e at the edge of my seat through the whole thing. Even though I knw what would happen at the end;’ I was still horrified and was a bit too scared to sleep.

Rock God: This one was more interesting than scary. It was an interesting plot/idea but not as exciting as the first two.

Superstitions: This one is probably my favorite: I really enjoyed how West described Laura’s fierce belief in supersitions: (It was particularly fun because one of my best friends is named Laura). Even with the somewhat brutal ending I was rooting for Laura the entire way. I loved her change in character and waited with anticipation to find out what would happen.

Late: A Chostly Tale: this story was very enjoyable: It was frightening at first but then ended very sweetly: The writing here was very well done and it was easy to picture the story.

Overall I really enjoyed this selection of short stories: Wests writing is very good and all her strange ideas zere fun to read. This collection is a great glimpse into West’s work and shows the sad, creepy, scary, gory and happy. I look forward to reading more stories by her.

My Rating: ★★★★