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BoneMan's Daughters

Author: Ted Dekker
Publisher: Center Street
Publication Date: April 2009
Genre: Thiller, Adult Fiction
Pages: 401
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Book Description: They call him BoneMan, a serial killer who’s abducted six young women. He’s the perfect father looking for the perfect daughter, and when his victims fail to meet his lofty expectations, he kills them by breaking their bones and leaving them to die. 
Intelligence officer Ryan Evans, on the other hand, has lost all hope of ever being the perfect father. His daughter and wife have written him out of their lives.
Everything changes when BoneMan takes Ryan’s estranged daughter, Bethany, as his seventh victim. Ryan goes after BoneMan on his own.
But the FBI sees it differently. New evidence points to the suspicion that Ryan is BoneMan. Now the hunter is the hunted, and in the end, only one father will stand.

First Line: “The day that Ryan Evan’s world changed forever began as any other day he’d spent in the hot desert might have begun.”

I picked this up out of the blue at my school library because the description sounded interesting and I wanted a good mystery/thriller novel to read. I have never read any Ted Dekker books before but one of my roommates loves his novels (which explains her dark scary side). I really enjoyed this book for multiple reasons. While it wasn’t as thrilling/edge of my seat as I had expected it was still very creepy and there were times where I was taken off guard.

I really enjoyed the slow beginning. Dekker spent the time to flush out the change in Ryan Evans. I loved reading about his time in the desert and the reason behind his sudden change in perspective on his fatherhood. I also liked reading the background and getting to know the other characters; Bethanny, Celine, Welsh, etc.

Boneman doesn’t show up until the middle of the book but it was well worth the wait. I really loved that there were chapters in his perspective so you could really get into the nitty gritty details of how his brain worked. It was all more fascinating than creepy for me. I really loved the detail to the bone breaking as well (in a scientific sense) and even looked up a few bones to better visualize what was going on.

The last hundred pages were intense and I loved every bit of it. Without giving away any spoilers, I loved how the end reflected some of the actions/desires that were mentioned earlier. While there was a lot of talk about God and Satan, it fit well into the novel, and wasn’t overpowering but rather added to the entire feeling of the book. I really enjoyed it and if you’re looking for a fascinating and a creepily deep thriller to read I would suggest this one in a heartbeat.

My Rating: ★★★★★