Hello lovely readers!

I’m glad to say that I survived that hell week and I even managed to get A’s on the first 3 exams (still waiting on the last two). But now I’m free to enjoy my spring break without the stress of school!

I was really excited to just sit and read but I didn’t get to do that until today since I spent the last two days helping my boyfriend do research for a paper. He had us do this at the school library which has created a new section near the front entrance for ‘Popular Reads’ and well… he left me alone for enough time to go look through them. I ended up walked out of the library with four books to read in my arms (because having over 200 books on my own that I haven’t read in my room isn’t enough. Clearly).

I also want to see if I can read a book a day. New challenge to myself. So (hopefully) expect plenty of reviews this coming week. Off to go read!
Books I want to try reading in a day are: Cyndere’s Midnight by Jefferey Overstreet, The Dead and Buried by Kim Harrington, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin, The Unseen by Heather Graham and BoneMan’s Daughter by Ted Dekker.

Oh and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

~ Scatty