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A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, #3)

So Isis and I have been casually reading the A Song if Ice and Fire series and have now both finished A Clash of Kings and are ready to start A Storm of Swords. But we realized that it takes us a really long time to get through these books and often we end up putting them down to read other things for review/shorter books, etc. Recently I came across the idea of read alongs and thought this would be brilliant for the two of us. This way we have a schedule of when to read the book and we can discuss it in our nerdy ways without fear of spoiling things accidentally to each other. 

So, for any of my dear followers who are waiting to pick up this book or are interested in joining our read along please leave a comment. Perhaps, I’ll make this a thing now or something. Not sure but read alongs sound really fun 😀

We’re going to start reading on Monday (because Isis has to finish Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and I have a midterm to study for). Here is our tentative schedule: (page numbers correspond to the mass market paperback versions found in the box set) [EDIT: for schedule by chapter go here]

  • March 7: Read to page 104
  • March 11: 202
  • March 15: 298
  • March 19: 404
  • March 23: 503
  • March 27: 603
  • March 31: 706
  • April 4: 799
  • April 8: 894
  • April 12: 996
  • April 16: 1128 (end of novel)

Again, if you’re interested in joining our read along let me know so I can set up discussion pages and what not.