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Author & Illustrator: Jason Sandberg
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: June 2012
Genre: Children's Picture Book 
(ages 4-8)
Pages: 32

Book Description: This is the sweet and funny tale of a young girl named Candy and a Cankersaurus Rex! Candy receives a dinosaur as a gift and is determined to train him to be a good pet.

*Book given in exchange for an honest review*

This is my first time writing a review for a children’s book so hopefully this will be helpful to you all.

As an adult looking five year old, I loved this book. DINOSAURS! Must I say anything else? Probably every kid would love to have a dinosaur as a pet. The illustrations were well done and I liked that there was space on the bottom of each page specifically for the written portion of the story.

The story itself was very nice and I liked the lesson it taught. Taking responsibilities for your mistakes and apologizing for them. Though I’m sure most kids will probably just see a dinosaur pet and want one for themselves.

My Rating: ★★★★★