Excuse me while I turn into a flailing squid of happy.

happy bounce happy bunny  dwdance

So I’d like to thank Jackie and Tammy from October Moon for the nomination! 😀 You guys are awesome.

So on to the award rules and pictures and stuff:

Versatile Blogger Award


1) Post the “Versatile Blogger Award” photo on your blog.

2) Tell who gave you the award, and post a link to their blog, and of course, thank them!

3) Nominate 15 more of your favorite blogs.

4) Tell 7 interesting facts about you.

So since I don’t follow that many people here is the list of everyone I follow because you are all wonderful people and bloggers! (okay that’s more than I thought BUT YOU ARE ALL STILL BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL!)

  1. October Moon
  2. Book Nerds Weekly
  3. The Mad Reviewer
  4. The Small Nerd
  6. Lost Inside The Covers
  7. The Troubles And Woes Of A Bookworm
  8. Book Hub, Inc.
  9. On The Shelf
  10. books are the best
  11. LibertarianNerd.com
  12. Three Nerds and a Book Club
  13. Required Reading
  14. Booking Through Thursday
  15. Should Be Reading
  16. TheNovelReviewer
  17. Theme Showcase
  18. Geeky Book Snob
  19. Catrina Beeny
  20. the Little Red Reviewer
  21. BookStore-BookBlogger Connection
  22. Understanding Weakness
  23. The World of Corá
  24. The Middle Nerd
  25. dare I eat a peach?
  26. Book Monkey
  27. The Streetlight Reader
  28. Pretty Books
  29. Joan Elliott
  30. The Not-So-Angry Feminist
  31. Magic, Dragons, and Other Fantastical Reads
  32. A Witchy Life

As for facts about myself… man I did this yesterday what else do you want to know about me? hahah :p