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So I decided on a book journal and it came in the mail today. I ended up going with Book Lust by Nancy Pearl

And it’s just what I was looking for. Most of the book is pages where you can take notes of books you’re reading. There is space for title, author and date and then two pages for notes. Then there is a small section for book passages where you can jot down favorite quotes if you’d like. Not sure what I’ll do with that yet. There’s a section for books to read which I’ve used to make notes on my books for review list and finally a section to keep track of books you’ve loaned out to people. It’s nice and simple and just what I was looking for. I was so excited I started writing stuff in it right away.

I also want to apologize for the lack in posts recently. I’ve hit a bit of a reading rut so my current read, A Cast of Stones, is going a bit slower than my normal reading pace. But I completely love the book so far and I want to keep reading, I just keep getting distracted. I seem to be less productive when I’m not in school… you’d think I’d be reading all the time but I seem to be just sitting and watching the time go by as I watch tv. It’s bad, really, but what can I say. I’ve still got two more books on top of my current read to finish before the end of the month so hopefully I’ll be able to read all that in time.

Do you have any tips for a girl who’s in a reading rut?