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My lovely readers!

A good friend of mine has recently self published her debut novel Rise of the Aligerai and is willing to give the book (ebook) away for free in return for a review. She’s requesting a review on Goodreads, Shelfari (if you have an account), Smashwords and Amazon.

Cover for 'Rise of the Aligerai'Rise of the Aligerai follows the life of Sita Newbury as she enters college. She soon learns that her simple, yet magical, life is anything but simple. With the help of her friends and roommates, she is charged to save the world of Corá and Earth from a group of soul-stealing terrorists. Can she save both worlds or will the destruction of billions of lives be on her shoulders?


If you’re interested please email me at three.nerdss@gmail.com ATTN Scatty.