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This is a new weekly meme hosted by my dear friend Isis. Each Saturday you catalog the number of pages you read the past week (the pages) and how you felt about what you read (the feels).

The Pages
Saturday 12/8: 63 pages of Dungeon Brain
Sunday 12/9: 89 pages of Dungeon Brain, 16 pages of Heat Wave
Monday 12/10: 19 pages of Heat Wave, 5 pages of Death on Dartmoor
Tuesday 12/11: 17 pages of Heat Wave
Wednesday 12/12: 17 pages of Heat Wave, 170 pages of Death on Dartmoor (according to goodreads it’s 175 pages but I still don’t believe this…)
Thursday 12/13: 8 pages of Heat Wave, 25 pages of Me Before You, 3 pages of The Hobbit
Friday 12/14: 38 pages of Heat Wave

For a total of: 152 pages of Dungeon Brain, 115 pages of Heat Wave, 175 (supposedly) pages of Death on Dartmoor and 3 pages of The Hobbit.

The Feels
For Dungeon Brain feels go here.

For Death on Dartmoor feels go here.

I’m loving Heat Wave and am fangirling all over the place. I love the tv show Castle and Nathan Fillion (let’s be honest though, who doesn’t love him). So reading one of Richard Castle’s novels is so awesome. It’s like reading one of the episodes instead of watching it. I won’t say much more because I’m hoping to finish it up tonight so expect a review soon.

I’ve just started The Hobbit so not much feels yet. Stay tuned 🙂