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Booking Through Thursday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Deb about (mostly) books and reading. This week’s question:

So … you’ve just finished reading a book. For the sake of the discussion, we’ll say it was everything a book should be—engaging, entertaining, interesting, thought-provoking. The kind you want to gush over. The question is—do you immediately move on to your next book? Or do you take time to contemplate this writerly masterpiece and all its associated thoughts/emotions/ideas for a while first?

I usually spend the night just letting it all soak in. I take the time to go through my favorite scenes in my part and to wrap my head around the plot twist or the cliffhanger ending. Or just a night to cool down from the excitement of reading a good book. I generally don’t pick up a book right away unless I’ve been eyeing it for a while and I just really want to read it.

How about you fellow readers?