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This is a new weekly meme hosted by my dear friend Isis. Each Saturday you catalog the number of pages you read the past week (the pages) and how you felt about what you read (the feels).



The Pages
Saturday 12/1: 16 pages of Dungeon Brain
Sunday 12/2: 28 pages of Dungeon Brain 
Monday 12/3: 30 pages of A Clash of Kings
Tuesday 12/4: 27 pages of A Feast of Infinite Rot
Wednesday 12/5: 86 pages of A Feast of Infinite Rot
Thursday 12/6: 22 pages of Dungeon Brain
Friday 12/7: 34 pages of Dungeon Brain

For a total of: 113 pages of A Feast of Infinite Rot, 30 pages of A Clash of Kings, and 100 pages of Dungeon Brain.

The Feels
For A Feast of Infinite Rot feels go here.

Not many new feels of A Clash of Kings. I keep getting new books and putting it on hold while I read other things.

Dungeon Brain is all just WTF IS HAPPENING?! I’m still a bit confused as to what is happening in this story but I keep reading it because I just need to know where this story is going! I know it was the intention of the author to have us confused as we follow the story of the main character because she starts of having no memories what so ever. So we learn new things when she learns them. This is also  a genre which I don’t normally read so I’m not 100% sure how I feel about this book so far. I like the idea but I’ll just have to wait to see how it all turns out.

This week’s page number is kinda pitiful in my opinion. I haven’t been reading much lately because finals week starts next Thursday and I’ve been doing all my last week finals/papers/etc. My pages of feels will probably be pitiful the next couple weeks before I’m free for winter break AND THEN ALL THE PAGES WILL BE READ and it will be awesome. Well time to go decide if I want to read or study for finals….