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So my friend decided to drag me away to go thrift store shopping. While I was hoping to buy a leather jacket (sadly no) I did find their book section! I also realized after taking this photo that all the books I got there (all save Angelfall) are red, white and black. 

When I got to the register I learned THAT THE BOOKS ARE LESS THAN A DOLLAR. Paperback for $0.25 and hardcover for $0.50. If I wasn’t in a hurry to get to the bus I would have run back and grabbed all the books that looked even remotely interesting! I purchased Angelfall through Amazon because a) it was really cheap and b) I heard that it would count towards this thing Amazon is doing where if you purchase any book purchased by their children publishing then they will send money to buy ebooks for children and adults in Africa.

DSC09424I also got a snazzy new leather backpack/bag to carry all my books home 🙂

All in all I spent around $10. Time to make room in my bookshelf and then well procrastinate studying for my exams by reading 😀

What cool books did you get this week?