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This is a new weekly meme hosted by my dear friend Isis. Each Saturday you catalog the number of pages you read the past week (the pages) and how you felt about what you read (the feels).

The Pages
Saturday (11/24): 9 pages of Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales
Sunday (11/25): 51 pages of Clockwork Angel; 21 pages of A Clash of Kings; 28 pages of Dungeon Brain
Monday (11/26): 12 pages of Dungeon Brain; 46 pages of Clockwork Angel
Tuesday (11/27): 103 pages of Clockwork Angel
Wednesday (11/28): 129 pages of Clockwork Angel
Thursday (11/29): 147 pages of Clockwork Angel (Finished); 6 pages of Dungeon Brain
Friday (11/30): 8 pages of Dungeon Brain

For a total of: 9 pages of Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales, 476 pages of Clockwork Angel and 54 pages of Dungeon Brain

The Feels
For Clockwork Angel feels go here.

Dungeon Brain by Benjamin Kane Ethridge is …. interesting and really creepy/weird. I knew it was a horror story going in and the premise but it is just mindbogglingly weird. I’m also a bit confused/curious to see where the story goes. We’ll see how this turns out is really all I can say right now about it. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it in the next week, unless my knitting projects for Christmas gifts gets in the way.