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This top shelf consists of books in my TBR pile (aside from The Handmaid’s Tale and A Game of Thrones)

For anyone who was curious, the way I organize my bookshelf is like this: The top shelf goes to books I haven’t read yet. The left side being fantasy while the right is just fiction. I also organized it in such a way so that the tall books are on the end. The second shelf has a small section for books I’ve read because when I finish them I will bring them back home when I do go home (which is why it’s so small right now). It also contains non-fiction books. On the bottom are old textbooks I don’t use right now and my speakers. Bookshelf was purchased at target (it’s the coffee color) for about $16. And as you can see it’s rather cluttered with other things. I clutter my surfaces. It’s what I do.