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I’m assuming that those of you who actually look at this blog are avid readers, or at least enjoy reading every now and then. Have you ever been interested or curious to join in a book club? Can’t find any good book clubs near you? Are you too lazy to get out of bed to join in on book discussions or too busy to find time? Well Three Nerds and a Book Club may be a good fit for you. (Yes I’m shamelessly advertising)

Three Nerds and a Book Club is an online book club on wordpress created by yours truly and my two best friends Isis (The Small Nerd) and Hecate (The Middle Nerd). The reason is because we all love reading and discussing books with each other. I had wanted to try joining a book club but couldn’t find any good ones online. And since the other nerds and I all live in different parts of the country and communicate with each other primarily via Skype, we decided to create an online book club!

We’re really casual and enjoy new members. For November we are reading The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. Voting for the next book will be coming up soon. A link for the blog is up in my menu so come check us out if you’d like 🙂