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Ever since the first e-reader, this debate of the printed word versus using an e-reader has been circling the reading world. People have argued for each side: ebooks can’t give you the same experience of printed books; ebooks are cheaper, etc. A majority of the arguments/posts/rants I have read about this issue have been geared toward how printed books are and will always be superior to ebooks. There is even an organization strictly for this: Read the Printed Word.

In my opinion, I prefer printed books. I like the feel of them, the smell, and it’s less painful on my eyes. I also have a kindle which I love and adore. I have about 50+ books on there (not all I have read yet) and plan on getting more. While printed books are great, there are some advantages to ebooks and e-readers. I travel a lot and carrying 5 books (or more because I might buy books on the trip) can make my suitcase really heavy. Having a kindle makes traveling with books a lot easier, because I have more than enough books to last me my long (usually 2-3 wk) trips and it only weighs about a pound. Another reason I love e-books is because it is a great way to support authors. I tell this to all my friends who think e-books are awful. There is this wonderful thing on amazon that allows authors to self publish their work through the website. Most of the time these books are e-book only. This is a great way for authors to share their stories and not have to worry about finding a company to publish them. I have found plenty of great new and upcoming authors this way. Another advantage is pricing. A majority of the time, ebooks are cheaper than the printed copy. As a rather poor college student, getting books for cheap makes me really happy and a majority of my kindle books were purchased for free. Many of these self published authors will offer the first book in a series for free.

But what about audio books? Is it the same? Different? How so?

I haven’t had the chance to really use audio books all that much. I tend to get distracted easily when I listen to things so the few times when I have tried, I couldn’t get into it. The audio books I have now are just useful for drifting to sleep on the plane. (They are doctor who books read by David Tennant. droooooool. I could just listen to that man talk all day long).

What about you, reader? What do you prefer using to read/listen to a book?