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Have you ever tried rating a book but had trouble deciding how many stars to give it? Sometimes you have to give half stars or maybe even quarter stars. But a lot of the time stars just aren’t cutting it. I’ve had this problem sometimes where I loved the book but it just upset me so much. (You may have noticed that I use gifs to show my reactions to some books). Well I came across Geeky Book Snob‘s rating system the other day and it is just perfect! While the designs were made by bad-blood on deviantART, it was Geeky Book Snob’s idea to turn them into a rating system. I will probably start using this rating system along with stars from now on because stars just aren’t enough anymore.


Example ratings:



MY MIND IS BLOWN – I can never be the same again after reading this.  Cool concepts, new ideas, revolutionary thought.  Mind alteration in progress.




DEVASTATED – This type of despair typically sets in when a character I love dies or the story is just so amazing I don’t want it to end – but then it does and I don’t know if I can go on.