Reviews can be extremely helpful. When I hear or see a new book, I want to know what other people thought of it. Sometimes the back cover blurb just isn’t enough to catch my attention or tell me enough about the book. Reviews by readers can help me determine if I’ll add a book to my TBR pile or not.

The downside is spoilers. Some people write reviews with spoilers without giving a spoiler warning at the start. Seeing those kinds of reviews just irk me because then the book is ruined for me. So to all my lovely followers I would like to tell you that I write reviews spoiler free. If I do feel the need to talk about a spoiler in the review I will put a lovely spoiler warning before hand. The only exception I make to this rule of mine is sexual assault/rape scenes in book. Some people – like me – are a bit sensitive about these things. There have been a couple books that I have personally read where a rape/sexual assault scene just came out of no where. It was a bit upsetting and a majority of the time I would have liked to know that it was there to begin with. So if a book has a scene like this I will make a note of it in the review.

Just thought all of you should know 🙂