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I enjoy writing sometimes, mostly because I have a lot of stories in my head. But I also don’t like writing on word. The blank white paper just reminds me too much of the essays I have to write for school. I used to change the color of the page and font to help but it wasn’t helping so well.

I came across this program through tumblr and I love it! Yes I only have had it for a day, but it is amazing. Here’s a quick rundown of what it is. (Taken from Tumblr):

Also known as the best writing program ever! It’s a full-screen writing program!

So you open it up, and it looks like this:

You’re thinking, “Ok, so what? It’s a screen with a picture. Whoopdie do.” But it get’s better! It’s customizable!

See that “appearance”? Click it.

You can also use custom fonts that you have installed!

See that “music”? Click it.

If you drag your own music into the folder, like so:

You get this!:

But wait! It gets better!

See “typing sounds”? You can change those too!

Perhaps the best is – YOU CAN USE ANY PICTURE FOR THE BACKGROUND. It will automatically fade it for you!

Seriously, guys, this tool is wonderful. You can use it for:

  • Research papers
  • Novel writing
  • Play writing
  • Short stories
  • Homework assignments
  • Ranting about your friends when they piss you off
  • Writing your shopping list

It auto-saves. It exports to .rtf. Hotkeys from Word for italicize, underlining, and bold work. You can print RIGHT FROM THERE.

And the seriously best thing ever?

It fits on a flash drive. The entire thing with added music is maybe 131MBs.

The bestest thing ever.

It’s free. “

Like I said, this thing is amazing. You can download it free here for Windows. I’m not sure if there is a download for macs so if you’re a mac user, try googling it. But in all seriousness, you should check it out 🙂