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Author: Jeffrey Overstreet
Series: Auralia's Threads - Book One (The Red Thread)
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
Publication Date: 2007
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 333
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“When thieves find an abandoned child lying in a monster’s footprint, they have no idea that their wilderness discovery will change the course of history.   Cloaked in mystery, Auralia grows up among criminals outside the walls of House Abascar, where vicious beastmen lurk in shadow. There, she discovers an unsettling–and forbidden–talent for crafting colors that enchant all who behold them, including Abascar’s hard-hearted king, an exiled wizard, and a prince who keeps dangerous secrets.   Auralia’s gift opens doors from the palace to the dungeons, setting the stage for violent and miraculous change in the great houses of the Expanse.   Auralia’s Colors weaves literary fantasy together with poetic prose, a suspenseful plot, adrenaline-rush action, and unpredictable characters sure to enthrall ambitious imaginations.”

Right off the bat I loved this book. From page 8 I was already vividly picturing the world Overstreet had created, the people, the place and the things in it. If a novel can give me such a clear picture of the story without being bogged down in descriptive paragraphs, then it is a good book. The people are unique, bustling and just jump off the page. You can practically smell the forest surrounding Abascar. And Auralia…. oh Auralia. You fall in love with this bubbly, cheerful and sweet girl instantly. The basic story idea – a girl who has the power over colors – may seem simple, but the different threads that weave together this book create an artistic piece that is anything but simple and even more beautiful.

This first book sets up the stage for the huge fallback of Auralia’s powers – which I completely expect book 2 to continue. In a world where color has been stripped from the people, one small girl can bring colorful life back to everyone – for good and for bad. I can’t wait to get my hands on book 2 because I am so curious as to what happens next. I highly recommend this book.

My Rating: ★★★★★

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