Treesofreverie July Readathon




Hello beautiful readers! It’s time for yet another readathon!!! ūüėÄ The wonderful Sarah, of Trees of Reverie, is hosting another awesome readathon for the month of July. This one is even longer and is lasting¬†22 days. To find all the information for the readathon click here. Below I will be updating my day to day progress through the readathon as well as post my reading goals. Happy readathoning!

Reading Goals:

  • Finish¬†Wool¬†by Hugh Howey
  • Finish¬†The Witches of East End¬†by Melissa de la Cruz
  • Read¬†Rebel Angels¬†by Libba Bray
  • Read¬†Landline¬†by Rainbow Rowell
  • Read¬†A Christmas Carol¬†by Charles Dickens
  • Read a total of 11 books
  • Read a total of 2200 pages
  • Review all books read for the readathon

Reading Progress:

Day 1 – July 10
Landline – 153 pages
Total Books: 0
Total Pages: 153

Day 2 – July 11
Landline Р24 pages
Manuscript – 4 pages
Total Books: 0
Total Pages: 181

Day 3 – July 12
Landline Р131 pages (Finished)
Manuscript – 4 pages
The Forests of Silence Р45 pages
Total Books: 1
Total Pages: 361

Day 4 – July 13
The Forests of Silence Р92 pages (Finished)
The Lake of Tears Р88 pages
Total Books: 2
Total Pages: 541

Day 5 – July 14
The Lake of Tears Р51 pages (Finished)
The City of Rats Р140 pages (Finished)
The Shifting Sands Р32 pages
Total Books: 4
Total Pages: 764

Day 6 – July 15
The Shifting Sands Р107 pages (Finished)
Manuscript Р50 pages
Total books: 5
Total pages: 921

Day 7 – July 16
Mummy Р35 pages
Rebel Angel Р27 pages
Total books: 5
Total pages: 983

Day 8 – July 17
Rebel Angels Р42 pages
Total books: 5
Total pages: 1,025

Day 9 – July 18
Rebel Angels Р101 pages
Total books: 5
Total pages: 1,126

Day 10 – July 19
Rebel Angels Р14 pages
Fun House Р132 pages (Finished)
Total Books: 6
Total Pages: 1,272

Day 11 – July 20
Rebel Angels Р117 pages
Total Books: 6
Total Pages: 1,389

Day 12 – July 21
Rebel Angels Р30 pages
Amulet Р187 pages (Finished)
Total Books: 7
Total Pages: 1,576

Day 13 – July 22
nothing because I suck

Day 14 – July 23
still nothing

Day 15 – July 24
Rebel Angels Р110 pages
Total Books: 7
Total Pages: 1,686

Day 16 – July 25
something’s wrong

Day 17 – July 26
because I haven’t read anything

Day 18 – July 27
Rebel Angels Р15 pages
Total Books: 7
Total Pages: 1,701

Day 19 – July 28
Rebel Angels Р92 pages (Finished)
Total Books: 8
Total Pages: 1,793

Day 20 РJuly 29 
Shadow and Bone Р89 pages
Total Books: 8
Total Pages: 1,882

Day 21 РJuly 30 
Shadow and Bone Р110 pages
Total Books: 8
Total Pages: 1, 992

Day 22 РJuly 31 
Shadow and Bone Р121
Total Books: 8
Total Pages: 2,113

June Wrap-up & July TBR


June Wrap-up

IMG_20140701_225150So this past month I read a total of 9 books ūüėÄ I also participated in Treesofreverie’s June Readathon for the last two weeks of June. I also started two books (Wool¬†by Hugh Howey and¬†Witches of East End¬†by Melissa de la Cruz)¬†that I have yet to finish. The books I read are:

  • Gone¬†– Michael Grant
  • Slow Burn: Zero Day¬†– Bobby Adair
  • A Discovery of Witches¬†– Deborah Harkness
  • The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie¬†– Alan Bradley
  • Wake¬†– Lisa McMann
  • Looking for Alaska¬†– John Green
  • The Flies of August¬†– P. J. Lee
  • Of Poseidon¬†– Anna Banks
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them¬†by J. K. Rowling

I didn’t read as much for the readathon as I expected to. I think I got burned out towards the end so I didn’t finish anything in the last couple of days.

Reading Challenges: 
– I’m pretty on par with most of my reading challenges. For the 50 Book Challenge I’m about 57% through and 4 books ahead. I’m hoping to keep up being ahead of pace and with any luck finish reading more books than my goal of 65.
– I’ve been keeping up with the Genre Reading Challenge. I’m behind by two books; the June¬†SciFi book and January’s Historical Fiction. I’ve started Wool for the June SciFi book and I don’t think I’ll be reading¬†The Constant Princess so I’ll probably find a different hist fic to read later this year.
– As for the TBR Pile Reading Challenge, I’m not doing so well. I had planned to read 41-50 books but so far I’m only at 15. I think my big problem is I want to read a lot of the books I got this year. I’m a big mood reader so I probably should have picked a smaller amount to read. I think I’ll be happy if I can read 25 books I bought in 2013 or earlier.

July TBR

IMG_20140701_225118So this month I have a lot of books that I would like to read. The first two are my carry over books from June –¬†Wool¬†by Hugh Howey and¬†Witches of East End¬†by Melissa de la Cruz. Next is the July Genre Challenge which is Classics. I chose to read¬†A Christmas Carol¬†by Charles Dickens. I own the penguin clothbound version which has¬†A Christmas Carol and other Christmas Stories¬†but I’m only going to be reading the one story for the challenge. My TBR Jar reads are:¬†The Emperor’s Bones¬†by Adam Williams and¬†Ghostwalker¬†by Ben Cassidy. The rest of the books are ones that I would like to read this month. I really want to read the Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo and I’ve got the entire trilogy so I can. So far I’ve read Saga Vol 1 by Brian Vaughan and Seer of Shadows¬†by Ava.

What books do you plan to read this month?

Treesofreverie June Readathon Wrap-up


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This 15 day readathon was a lot of fun. I didn’t read as much as I expected to and I started to peter¬†out towards the end. Despite that, I really enjoyed participating and I feel very accomplished with what I read. Overall I read a total of 7 books and 1319 pages.

What I Read:

  • A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness (last 45 pages)
  • The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie¬†by Alan Bradley
  • Wake¬†by Lisa McMann
  • Looking for Alaska¬†by John Green
  • The Flies of August¬†by P. J. Lee (last 75 pages)
  • Of Poseidon¬†by Anna Banks
  • Fantastical Beast and Where to Find Them¬†by J. K. Rowling

I also started reading¬†Witches of East End¬†by Melissa de la Cruz but I have yet to finish it. Overall I had a great time with this readathon and I look forward to joining in the July one ūüôā

Shadow of Night Readalong Schedule


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All Souls Trilogy

Hello dears! We just finished reading¬†A Discovery of Witches¬†and now it’s time to move on to book two –¬†Shadow of Night! Below is the schedule of discussion posts that I will be making. Feel free to join in this readalong any time you want ūüôā

  • Week 1 June 22: Ch 1-8 (115)
  • Week 2 June 29: Ch 9-16 (120)
  • Week 3 July 6: Ch 17-24 (119)
  • Week 4 July 13: Ch 25-31 (106)
  • Week 5 July 20: Ch 32-End (114)

A Discovery of Witches Readalong Part V


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A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy, #1)Hello beautifuls! Sorry this is up so late. I was dealing with all the stuff I needed to get my car ūüėĬ†This is the last discussion post for this book.¬†Below are questions regarding chapters 35 to the end of the book – do not read ahead if you don’t want to be spoiled!¬†I hope you all liked it as much as I did. I forgot how much I truly love this book and everything about it (characters, writing, story, etc.). I won’t be posting my answers to the questions just yet because it’s really late and I want to get some reading done for the readathon I’m participating in. Leave your answers in the comments section below!

How did you react when the letters and missing pages of Ashmole’s manuscript showed up?


Why do you think Marthe made the tea? How do you think she knew it might be needed?


What are your reactions to the potential that Diana and Matthew could have children? Why do you think the congregation wants to prevent this?


How did you react to a witch having a daemon who then is going to have a witch (aka Sophie and her family)?


What do you think the Goddess will take in exchange for Matthew’s life?


What do you think Diana’s grandmother meant when she said ‘Maybe it wasn’t your blood to give’?


Why do you think Matthew chose that certain time and place for them to timewalk?


What do you think is in store for our conventicle in the next book?


How did you like or dislike this novel?